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Best Sail Charters. We offer affordable bare boat sailing charters in areas that you want to sail in. Starting with the North Channel of Lake Huron. We are located in Little Current Ont. on Manitoulin Island Canada. We want our customers to experience the best sailing our country has to offer. That's why we are in the North Channel. It's known as the most beautiful place to to cruise in North America. Our boats are 26' and very easy and fun to sail. They sleep 5 adults and come fully equipped with the things you will need for your vacation. We offer the best deal around when it comes to chartering. Our customers typically are other sailboat owners that can't or don't want to take there own boat up here. We save you time and hassle and your vacation costs about the same or less as bringing your own boat. You don't need to own a sailboat to charter from us. Sail 1 qualification, a PCOC and some sailing experience are all that we require for qualifications. Come sail with us this summer. Marty Jackson Owner Best Sail Charters 519-670-3773

A new year and a new site:

And more too.

I have revamped the charter site. It now is instead of

It’s a wordpress site. It will be much easier to change compared to the old site. It’s still under construction so if you are looking to book a charter right away please email me at or give me a call 1-519-670-3773.

Here is a look at the new business card I just whipped up.

Best Sail Charters

It’s here! Our Blog about things you want to learn about. From sailing to boat repairs and more boat related stuff.

Also….. Deals. Yes we are giving stuff away! From books to deals on charters.

Note: Subscribe to our email list for outrageous last minute deals… We want people in boats having the time of there life! Not tied to a dock empty.

Visit our website to check availability.

One Week in...

We want your input too. So comment about where you want us to have other boats or anything.

Thank you.

Marty Jackson